I was a teen in the 80’s, so that makes me pretty luck in a way I guess. Thats was when skateboarding was really spreading its wings in the U.S. , gone were the days of the skinny plastic boards with what barely passed as a truck and those fat clear plastic wheels that screamed “please ride me in your best polyester outfit” orange 70’s nonsense.

I got my first board when I was 12, I got a camera that same summer. The camera was a hand-me-down from my dad, a simple Kodak 110 with a non working flash. The board was a Lance Mountain that I had to order through the mail by tearing a page out of Thrasher Magazine and wait what seemed like an eternity to get via UPS.

Where I went so did the board and the camera, thats how I started, taking photos of friends skating and taking pictures of all of us doing things that were both ill advised and sometimes illegal. Fast forward some years and a bunch of knee, ankle, shoulder and hip surgeries later and you can find me still photographing skaters….using much better cameras.

Gene Butcher